WooCommerce Themes for WordPress

Businesses that incorporate WooCommerce for selling products and service online in their WordPress Website are often frustrated with the website eCommerce conversion performance from off-the-shelf WordPress Themes. These standard themes underperform when compared against custom WordPress themes that have been optimised for eCommerce Performance.


Armour develops your custom WordPress Themes that are optimised for your target market requirements and designed to maximise the eCommerce conversion performance of your WooCommerce Store.


Your custom WordPress Theme for WooCommerce can be tailored to suit selling either products or services. The custom theme can be developed to suit B2C, B2B and mixed B2C & B2B scenarios with support for localised and custom checkout flows.

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Coding & Design Standards for WordPress

Our WordPress developers and designers work to best practices and standards for the Web Design & Development Industry. Our WordPress Theme designs are mobile friendly and built with Responsive Web Design approach. Our approach for mobile web design includes focus on site-speed and intuitive functionality.


We make use of the latest HTML5 / CSS / jQuery technologies and ensure our designs are brought to life whilst ensuring design technologies that satisfy the broadest possible market.


Armour adopts an approach of minimal use of WordPress Plugins. The online community has developed thousands of plugins for WordPress to help in marketing and selling through to operational integrations. These plugins, when used appropriately, are an invaluable resource. All too often WordPress sites become bloated and slow down websites due to the overuse and misuse of plugins. Armour’s WordPress Experts carefully choose when to make use of a plugin; and when to implement a customisation to the theme.

CRM & Lead Generation Integrations for WordPress

The integration and flow of data between your WordPress website and your sales management tools can be critical to the effective implementation of your customer Journey from your website to CRM and Sales Pipelines for Lead Generation and Qualification of Sales Leads.


A custom WordPress Theme can be developed to capture, filter and direct leads from your website into your CRM and Sales Management tools. Our business analysis Team work with you to understand your Lead Qualification process to ensure your website delivers increased Quality & Qualified Leads.

How do we do it

Our web design and development process includes a selection of the following

Business Goals

Customer Journey Workshop

Design concepts & wireframing

Responsive web designs

Front-end development


Website launch strategy