Understanding your users is a crucial step in building great experiences

Good usability leads to a whole lot of positive things. Fundamentally, it converts users to customers. The positive experience of visiting a website or application is something that draws a user back for repeat visits. Everything that defines this experience – from layout to flow of information – combines to provide your users with an overall impression of your brand or business.

Creating that ease of use and positive experience is something that we take time and care in crafting and providing.

We provide a range of UX / UI designer services to third party development teams.

User centered design (UCD)

User Centred Design (UCD) is the overseeing design approach that applies to all stages of the UX/UI process.  Its effectively drives the design process based on the needs, wants, and limitations of the end users of a product.  We like to invest time at the start of a project interviewing a range of different users.


We use design to solve problems faced by users


Then validate the process by testing the designs at different stages of the process and adjust the designs accordingly.  Our goal is always to design the product to be understood intuitively by first-time users.

User experience (UX) design

Planning the User Experience (UX) is a complicated task requiring a senior designer to really get inside the system, understanding the goals and


thinking through all levels of interactivity


Our senior UX Designer analyses how current users interact with existing solutions and document their processes. We find out what their frustrations are and gather their input.  We then create user personas and user profiles.  We utilise these findings to plan a design that incorporates the client brief, system requirements and user experience feedback.

Thanks to our experience of application design we understand the process well and offer UX consultancy services to third party software developers. For developing applications for our clients we also leverage our UX experience in all our builds.

User interface (UI) design

The science User Interface Design (UI Design) is structuring a web page or application screen is based on the premise of ease of use. Understanding your end user market is key in creating user interfaces that engage and inspire people.

From websites to applications, users need to feel secure and comfortable with the system they are using. We like to work from a blank canvas and


bring your ideas to life in a way that people enjoy


Armour has created award winning UI designs for numerous projects. We are typically involved in the production of white label projects for large multinationals and work under non disclosure agreements – so unfortunately we can not display all our work within our public portfolio.

If your looking to speak to our senior UI designer contact Armour now.

UX/UI design evealuation & analytics

launch phase to continue refining the users experience for the products we have delivered.

This involves User Testing to see how users interact with the product and where they find potential difficulties and UX UI Design issues. We use Heat maps and Scroll Maps to follow the user flow. We then review the data


to continually optimize and enhance the product


The use of Web Analytics and forms gather important data that the UX team use for ongoing strategic plans for future revisions.

Graphical User interface (GUI) design

We have a wealth of experience in creating GUI interfaces for industrial machines and touch screen technology.


Armour’s GUI Designers have been involved in an array of  projects


Producing manufacturing systems with realtime data display. Production of point of sale touch screen kiosks.  In-cab truck driver communication and work flow tools. We have also been involved in the production of real time data displays of Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Typically GUI projects requires the design team working with developer, electrical engineers, information architects and product designers.

How we do it

Our mobile app build process includes a selection of the following...

User analytics

Journeys & scenarios

Persona development

Sketches & wireframes

Development prototypes

User testing

Heat & scroll mapping

Form & web analytics


Our uncompromising standards of quality and unique approach to our clients and their ideas has brought a lot of recognition to our work.
In last 7 years we have won some of the most prestigious Awards and got appreciation from many top agencies.


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