iOS & Android apps - from the ground up

Creating Mobile apps is a great way of allowing your users to engage with your business or service! We are fully registered iOS and Android developers and have created many apps for both market places.

Our apps have been downloaded thousands of times and play an essential role in our clients’ businesses. They have also proved to be great marketing tools for businesses, connecting them to their customers in a way no other medium can.

Business analysis & digital strategy

The first task in starting out on a mobile app project is to research the feasibility of such an application.  Is there a need for the application, is it going to make a return and what is the competition like in this area?


Is there a need for the application, is it going to make a return?


Once a clear business analysis has been conducted, Armour conducts a user analysis.  The goal of this study is to determine the correct demographic for such an app.

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Building on the market and feasibility analysis, the UX (User Experience) team create User Journeys and Scenarios for the app. Usability is crucial – apps need to perform to the highest level and engage the user. We focus heavily on the user interface to produce enjoyable and intuitive user experiences.


Apps need to perform to the highest level and engage the user


The UX (User Experience) team create User Journeys and Scenarios. Once the UX has been signed off, the UI (User Interface) is created. Depending on the scale of the project, we produce an interactive demo for deployment to mobile devices. This demo can be used for user-testing or for pitching to investors. Once the proposed mobile app receives market feedback, the production can begin.




Mobile application devleopment

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most popular mobile phone operating systems. Every mobile app we build is made available on these platforms. Given the wide variety of devices that both platforms run on, it is essential that the apps we develop incorporate responsive design.


All apps developed by Armour are extensively tested on both iOS and Android devices to ensure optimal user experience.

This means that your app can detect the screen size of the device it is running on and adjust its interface accordingly. We utilise cross-platform development software to accelerate the build process, meaning your app can reach a wider audience without impacting on delivery times.

How we do it

Our mobile app build process includes a selection of the following

Business requirements

Software requirement specifications

UI/UX phase

Interactive prototype

Development prototype

Development for specific devices


Product roll-out strategy


Our uncompromising standards of quality and unique approach to our clients and their ideas has brought a lot of recognition to our work.
In last 7 years we have won some of the most prestigious Awards and got appreciation from many top agencies.


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