Shopify theme development

Shopify Theme Development

There are many aspects of e-Commerce that follow a standardised flow that users expect from a website, however, unique selling points and brand differentiation are key to building a successful and sustainable online business. Building a unique online presence that reflects your business’ personality and brand require a bespoke theme.


Through our Customer Journey Workshops our team will work with your key stakeholders to design your website that brings together both your business and customers goals into a streamlined and unique User Experience that can be delivered through your custom developed standards-based and responsive Liquid/HTML5/CSS/Javascript store theme.

Shopify APP Development

Shopify Custom APPs

The Shopify Platform and Public APPs available through the Shopify APP store provide a wealth of tools to support your business trading online. However, your business has its own unique requirements and ways of doing business that helps build better customer experiences that help differentiate your business.


To allow you to incorporate your specific ways of doing business a Private Shopify APP or unlisted Public APP allows your business to customise Shopify to how you sell to your customers and manage the operations of your business.


Armour develops Custom Shopify APPs for both front-end and back-end customisations. These APPs can help you sell better, be more efficient in the management of your store and integrate 3rd party systems via APIs so that your Shopify Platform is fully integrated with your business management applications.

Shopify API Integrations

The integration and flow of data between Shopify and your business management tools can be critical to the effective operation of your business. API Data Integrations provide you with he ability to automate data transfers and synchronisations and eliminate human error in the transfer of data.


Some of the common Data Integrations include synchronisation of inventory levels between your store or warehouse and Shopify; Generating Supplier Purchase Orders; Transferring Customer Orders from Shopify to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and/or courier labelling integrations; Accounts Integrations; Custom Reporting that bring together Google Ads, Analytics & Store Performance KPIs.

Shopify CMS Customisations

Experience Shopify Merchants regularly make use of Metafield Editors and theme customisations to store and present advanced structured product data. Two of the pitfalls and common complaints to this approach is the lack of a singular view when editing a product/page/collection and that MetaField Editors lack Data Validation, requiring the product administrator to remember both he metafield and/or tag structures and data storage conventions.


Armour develops advanced Custom Product/CMS Editors that ensure consistent and easy editing of Products and Metafields through a singular view. The custom editors for Shopify are built with data validation rules to ensure quality entry of product data and speeds up product editing.