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Award winning web design Galway

We strive to be the best web design company in Ireland! We do this by employing the most creative and aspiring designers who understand the web medium. Our goal in any project is to produce the highest level of design around the client’s requirements.

We listen to our clients, generate our ideas and begin the creative process. The creative process involves the design team brainstorming ideas with the creative director to get inside the brand and think outside the box.

The process varies depending on the scale and requirements of the project, but we work closely with other creatives such as photographers, video teams and copyrighters to produce visually powerful and engaging websites.

We strive to build websites and web applications that look good and feel good. Our approach is that everything is possible. Our team is highly focused and passionate about all aspects of web development. Our designers and developers work closely to transform the creative vision into a reality.

Bespoke web design


Every good design starts with a pen & paper. Before we start a project we take the notes and initial ideas. From our client meetings and start to think of the the new design project from a creative perspective.

This involves brainstorming the brief with our web design team in Galway. Thinking of the best creative and innovative design concepts to deliver a great new product to our customers . Our creative director sketches out concepts, creates hand drawn illustrations and hand draws wireframe diagrams which are then taken to the design phase. Our clients don’t believe in compromise, and neither do we. They come to us looking for professional & personal service and a high level of creativity.

Let’s get something out of the way quickly – we don’t use design templates.  Our aim has always been to deliver quality custom-made bespoke web design with care and attention to fine detail. We seek to build strong relationships with our customers, helping to build up their business with ever increasing precision. For an award winning web design Galway based company contact us.





Our clients don’t believe in compromise and neither do we


Responsive design


We design for mobile devices using a technique called responsive design. It’s the practise of designing from the ground up with mobile functionality given the attention it deserves!

For sites that are more demanding and require parallax scrolling with uncompromising design we can create standalone mobile sites that work just as well and seamlessly open as if on a mobile device.

Armour’s responsive design approach means that your website or bespoke application will give users the best possible experience on their chosen device.

Mobile functionality is given the attention it deserves

Supermacs app

Web Development


We build sites using open source technologies such as WordPress, PHP, MySQL and JQuery that offer a superb starting platform to build your site upon. Our develops are experts in platform specific technologies including Shopify Liquid and handlebars for BigCommerce.

Listening to the client is something we pride ourselves upon. Every website is different in it’s own way and we take time to understand each client’s individual needs.

Everything is geared towards producing a visually unique solution for you.

Every website is different in it's own way

web development

How we do it

Our mobile app build process includes a selection of the following

Business requirements

Software requirement specifications

UI/UX phase

Interactive prototype

Development prototype

Development for specific devices


Product roll-out strategy


Our uncompromising standards of quality and unique approach to our clients and their ideas has brought a lot of recognition to our work.
In last 7 years we have won some of the most prestigious Awards and got appreciation from many top agencies.


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