Why Digital Marketing Is So Important

10 reasons why you need digital marketing.

“Ignoring online (digital) marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.”
– Unknown


Perhaps this is a bit harsh but in a world that is always changing, you need to get on the social media marketing train or you will get left behind. Digital marketing can be a very effective tool when used correctly, therefore, here are 10 reasons why you and your business need digital marketing:

Have you ever heard the expression “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, we’d like to take it one step further and say “If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, does your business even exist?”


1. It’s affordable: Digital and social media marketing are more affordable than traditional marketing and can reach a larger audience for less. Most SMEs can’t afford to use traditional marketing channels and online marketing is the ideal solution. According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of people said they saved a considerable amount through a digital marketing strategy.


2. It’s faster: Traditional marketing channels are slow. Design, approval, printers, and then only distribution. You’ll be grey by the time your marketing gets to the market! With digital marketing, you could have your message out there by lunch.


3. It’s versatile: Why limit your business to paper when you can appeal to your customers through songs, videos, and instant feedback? With digital marketing, you can reach your customers through social media, e-mail, and other online marketing channels.


4. It’s easy to track and monitor results: You can see your customers’ response and measure the campaigns’ success almost immediately with online marketing. Results at your fingertips! That’s more like it.


5. It builds your brand: Believe it or not, likes on Facebook can lead to paying customers who become loyal customers who become your brand ambassadors.


6. It gives you direction: A digital marketing strategy can give your business direction. Once you know who you are selling to and what they want, it makes it much easier to align your company.


7. It earns customers’ trust: Do you trust a company without a website? What about a company without an active Facebook page? Digital marketing can earn your customers’ trust through engagement and feedback from existing customers.


8. It’s mobile: Your message goes to wherever your customers are with online marketing. Whether they see you on their iPad, smartphone or laptop, you go where they go.


9. Allows your business to compete with the big dogs: Small businesses struggle to compete with larger corporates where traditional marketing channels are concerned. Digital marketing levels the playing field. Now your business can compete with the big dogs, at least on the marketing playing field.


10. More money for you! According to Google, companies that use digital marketing strategies have almost three times better revenue growth expectancy and better chances of expanding their business.


Why wait? Your business will benefit from digital marketing. Contact us today to get your digital marketing strategy in place and share your story with your customers.

“Content is fire; social media is gasoline.”
– Jay Baer